Oconee County S.C. Black Cemeteries


WARNING: Visiting cemeteries on private land, requires prior landowner approval.


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26 Feb 2018

Documents Ref # Notes Recorded Photos Maps
Double Springs Baptist (1879) (N)
 S of Walhalla

GPS = N34 43.381 x W83 02.760

C059 Paul M Kankula - NN8NN 3 Aug 2002 P M
Double Springs Union (1850's) (N)
SW of Mountain Rest

GPS = N34 51.461 x W83 10.006

C269 Gary Flynn - KE8FD

Started in early 1850's log school house

4 Mar 2001 P M
Flat Rock Baptist (1866) (N)
 S of Walhalla

GPS = N34 45.025 x W83 04.339

C076 Gary Flynn - KE8FD 14 Sep 2002 P M