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It's very common for a cemetery to be known by several different names..!


If known, alternate names will be noted somewhere on the county's webpage listing. 


Contact Gary Flynn at, if all you know, is your cemetery's general area.


Cemetery names will normally be listed in alphabetical order.   Ex: Brown-Jones-Wilson Families 


Surnames will normally come before given names.   Ex: Brown Family, John 


Plantation names were not ordinarily shown on the Census. Using plantation names to locate ancestors can be difficult because the name of a plantation may have been changed through the years and because the sizeable number of large farms must have resulted in lots of duplication of plantation names.


Plantation nicknames names, if known, will normally be listed as aka (also known as).


It's assumed that if a plantation had over 100 enslaved workers, that there would have normally been a separate cemetery for them.  Often landowner's family graves might be located nearby, but always kept separate. 


Plantation homes were often burned after slave emancipation, because the landowner could no longer afford to pay their land taxes. 


Historical home locations can normally be determined by locating their existing foundations.



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