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 Project Contains: 17,000+ Cemeteries  &  200+ Cemetery Survey Book Surname Indexes.


NOTE:  Cemetery Survey Book Surname Indexes will not provide you with any tombstone inscription recordings.


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SC Cemetery GPS

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Some landowners who have cemeteries located on their private property, are preventing family members from visiting, using and maintaining the graves of their love-ones buried there.  Some of these landowners or their livestock are even illegally desecrating these cemeteries. 


A cemetery is a place not only for the burial of the dead, but for an expression of love and respect by the living for the dead...  Family members have the legal right of burial, visitation, maintenance and beautification of cemeteries per S.C. Code of Cemetery Laws, Section 27-43-310  Visitation to cemeteries located on private property, need to be prior approved by the landowner.  Contact your local sheriff to enforce this law, if, the landowner is preventing visitation -- provide sheriff with (2) copies of the above law.

AME (N) = African Methodist Episcopal   -   AME-Zion (N) = African Methodist Episcopal Zion   -   CME (N) = Colored Methodist Episcopal

CME = Christian Methodist Episcopal   -   MEC = Methodist Episcopal Church (1784)   -   SMC = Southern Methodist Church  

UMC = United Methodist Church   -    WMC = Wesleyan Methodist Church


(A) = Asian   -   (C) = Caucasian   -   (I) = Indian   -   (N) = Negro   -   (S) = Slave/Black (any type)


(N) = Negro SC cemetery identifications are normally due to the dedicated hard-work of Emily E. Vaughn. 

Visit Emily's Black Research Portal at


Also visit PMK's Upstate Black Heritage Research Portal at heritage/index.html


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Project Concept by: Paul M. Kankula - NN8NN & Gary L. Flynn - KE8FD     Typing Assistance by: Vivian C. Parkman     Engineering Assistance by: H. Ted Burgess

      This SCGS GPS Project Version Established: 19-Mar-2018     Original Rootsweb GPS Project Established: Apr-2008 (167,141 hits as of 23-Apr-2018)